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CONSULTANT/COACH for farmer’s cooperative within ”Development of sustainable organic agriculture in Moldova” project, supported by Czech Development Agency


People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-profit and non-governmental organization with representative office in Moldova.  PIN Moldova is currently implementing the “Development of sustainable organic agriculture in Moldova” project for the period 2018 – 2020 that is supported financially by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA). One of the main project’s output expected is capacity building and institutional development of farmer cooperative. PIN recently established the cooperative and donated two equipment items (compost turner machine and the stubble cultivator) into their ownership.

This activity is built on the previous experience of PIN working with Moldovan cooperatives, which proves that this model of farmer collaboration can be effective and feasible.

In order to achieve the expected results the Project seeks to select a consultant/coach to contribute to the capacity building of farmer cooperative trough thematic workshops.

Objective and Scope of the Assignment

The overall objective of the assignments is to provide coaching to the established farmer cooperative and to guide them through the process of the institutional development of the cooperative. It will include the contractual side of the equipment’s donation (understanding of obligations and following the requirements), to discuss and agree on the vision of the cooperative, members’ rights, their contribution and gains).

Specific Tasks

  • Review of donation contracts and assure that all the conditions are understood and respected by all the members of the cooperative. (workshop with members of the cooperative 1 day )
  • Meeting with the members of the cooperative and working on their vision, rights of the members. (1 working day)
  • Cooperative’s Business Plan development, together with the members, based on the real costs estimated in the trial period, including their contributions and gains. (up to 2 working meetings)
  • Provision of recommendations for a functional life of the cooperative. (up to 2 working days)

Expected Deliverables and Duration


Tentative timeframe

Meeting and discussion with cooperative members on donation contracts, assignment of the responsible person for the equipment’s maintenance and the tentative schedule of using them.

July 22-26, 2019

Workshops with members on their rights and the cooperative’s vision.

Between 29th of July and 6th of August

Workshops on preparation of a business plan for the cooperative, based on the real costs estimated in the trial period, including their contributions and gains.

August  12-16, 2019

The overall assignment report, including the summary on workshops, and with conclusion and recommendations

August 19-23, 2019

The timeframe for the assignment is planned from July 20 to August 30, 2019, and shall not exceed 6 working days.

Evaluation Report

The performance of work will be evaluated based on the following indicators:

  • Completion of tasks specified in ToR.
  • Compliance with the assignment deadlines for submission of deliverables.
  • Quality of work.
  • Demonstration of high standards in cooperation and communication with PIN Moldova and counterparts.
  • Timeliness, responsibility, initiative, accuracy of the products delivered.

The final report should consist of:

Within the five working days after the delivery of the assignment, the contractor shall submit to the Project Manager the electronic version of the Report on the training program. The Report shall include the followings:

SUMMARY: Introduction of the main tasks and how they were achieved. Provision of the dates and places were workshops were done with factual evidences attached (attendance sheet, minutes from the meeting, pictures).

LESSONS LEARNED: General conclusions with a potential for wider application and use.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Specific and actionable proposals regarding improvements of the project or management addressed to the client of the evaluation or other intended users.

ANNEXES: relevant documents, attendance sheets etc. (PIN will provide the templates for annexes)

The report not exceed the limit of 5 pages (excluding annexes).

Organizational Aspects

The consultant may use the facilities of PIN Moldova office in (i.e. internet access, printing, copying). However, the consultant is expected to use his/her own personal computer.

PIN Moldova will provide transport for visits of farmers, if necessary.

The Consultant will work closely with the Project Manager, M&E Specialist, under overall supervision of the Country Director.

Eligible Candidates: Experienced consultants/coaches can apply, preferably with expertise or previous experience in coaching of cooperatives or related structures. The overall experience of working with farmers/ organic farmers would be an asset.  

Requirements for financial offer:

The contractor will develop a detailed financial offer in Euro, showing costs per working days. The total assignment should not exceed 6 days.  

Specific requirements for candidates:


•             University degree in agriculture, economics, social sciences, education or related fields.

•             Good knowledge of agriculture and business development in the Republic of Moldova.

•             At least 3 years of extensive working experience in consulting and in delivering training to farmers or SMEs.

•             Excellent communications skills.

•             Excellent computer skills.

•             Excellent knowledge of Romanian.

Application package will include:

·         CV.

·         Short Assignment presentation.

·         The list of previous relevant clients (preferably, undertaken in the last 2 years).

·         Financial offer in Euro, indicating costs per working day and indicating the timeline for the whole assignment.

Deadline for applications: July 15, 2019 by COB

The applications shall be sent to the following address: concurs.moldova@peopleinneed.cz and use subject heading: Ref. Consultancy for Farmer Cooperative.

Nota bene!

-              Only selected candidates will be contacted.

-              Incomplete applications will not be assessed.



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