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Quality Control Manager is a person who is able to learn fast, apply what is learned immediately, analyze the situation and provide accurate analysis. Furthermore, this person can foreshadow conflicts and provide their resolution.

In our company, a Quality Control Manager will analyze the work of our employees and provide an accurate analysis of everyone's job. QC Manager is also responsible for maintaining great relationships with our Clients in the USA. Furthermore, his/her responsibilities include debt collection and sales.

- Excellent English Skills (Experienced Spoken English)
- Punctuality
- Ability to meet the deadlines
- Critical Thinking
- Flexibility
- NO 9 to 5 Mindset !!!

What do we offer you?

- Special Training
- Great Salary
- Career Growth
- Excellent Team
- Ability to develop yourself!

Working hours are from 2pm to 11pm/.   We are located in Chisinau, Botanica

How to apply?   Please  send your CV and a Cover Letter to hr@dpstruck.com 


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