Moldova Competitiveness Project: RFQ-2020-051 Procurement of supplies for 3 regional FabLabs

Introduction: The Moldova Competitiveness Project (MCP) is a program funded by USAID, the Swedish Government and UK aid and implemented by Chemonics International in Moldova. The goal of the MCP is to support Republic of Moldova’s efforts to promote a strong, diverse and export-oriented economy by improving competitiveness and efficiency in key Moldovan industries, namely wine production clustered with tourism, light industry (clustered textiles and apparel with footwear manufacturing), and information and communication technology (ICT) clustered with creative services and precision engineering.

 Moldova Competitiveness Project is willing to create a sustainable talent pool to match industry requirements, to build excellence and collaborative centers for Moldova and to expand the market linkages.

Currently, MCP intends to create from scratch 3 new FabLabs in Orhei, Soroca and Singerei, near the existing ones (in Cahul, Chisinau, Ungheni and Drochia). During the past 2 years through project support, FabLab Chisinau has become a leading innovation and prototyping center on the campus of the Technical University. FabLab Chisinau allows students, engineers, businesses and the community to design, develop and prototype any physical product studding the metal and wood processing, microelectronics and 3D printing. The three regional FabLabs created in April 2018 in Drochia, Cahul and Ungheni now are educational centers and technical solution oriented. The new Fablabs in Orhei, Soroca and Singerei will increase the technical skills and the opportunities of the people that are living in the region.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by Chemonics in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ.  Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than 15.00 local Chisinau time on June 10, 2020 by email to

Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of Chemonics.

Questions: Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 15.00 local Chisinau time on June 05, 2020 by email to

For your reference, please access the RFQ here.

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