Consultant Company for Identification of WFD compliant Protected Areas and creation of the Protected Areas Database

Call for Proposals

Consultant company



Project: Strengthening the institutional framework in the water and sanitation sector (WWS) in the Republic of Moldova (Phase 01)

Project financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Austrian Development Agency 

SDC Ref. No. 81035398, 7F-08870.01.01 & ADA Ref. No. 8332-00/2015

Sector: Water and Sanitation

Contract: # IFSP/CS-25/C-9/C.2./1.9/Loc

Assignment Name: Identification of WFD compliant Protected Areas and creation of the Protected Areas Database

The Agency “Apele Moldovei” is procuring the consulting services (Consultant Company) to provide support on identification of WFD compliant Protected Areas and creation of the Protected Areas Database.

The implementation of the proposed assignment will contribute to achieving the project’s output 1.9 “Priority measures related to the Prut River and Nistru River Basin are implemented”

The objectives of the Assignment are: i) to strengthen the local institutions capacities for the development of the next cycle RBD Management Plans, and ii) to increase understanding the WFD requirements in relation to both identification and interpretation of Protected Areas as a part of planning process and preparing the RBD Management Plans.

The implementation of this assignment will require a Consulting Company/Firm, which is specialized in providing the above services, and have the following qualifications:

  • The company should be a legally registered entity with correspondent license for provision of project assignment related services
  • Minimum 10 years of general experience
  • 3-5 years of specific experience in the field
  • Proven organizational and financial management skill
  • Experience gained during the participation in international projects of similar complexity
  • Proven skill to complete projects on time, and within the budget
  • Proven capacity to represent the project with a high level of professionalism
  • Work experience in international projects financed by EU, EBRD, BM, USAID, GIZ, etc.

The consultancy is expected to be undertaken during a period of 6 months (with a level of effort equal to 23 person-months), with potential for extension depending on on-going needs.

Interested and qualified candidates (companies) must send a request for the tender documents (Request for Proposals/RFP) to the following e-mails: [email protected] copy to [email protected].

Proposals must be submitted no later than the following date and time: November 20, 2017, 11:00 (Chisinau time).


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