Expression of Interest for the tender no. 83265616 for the engagement of a non-profit organization to fortify the automotive sector in Moldova through advocacy activities

The German Development Cooperation through GIZ is planning to engage a non-profit organization to fortify the automotive sector in Moldova through advocacy activities, within the framework of its project “Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government”.

The assignment shall be implemented based on a Local subsidy agreement. Total length of assignment shall be comprised between October 2017 and March 2018 with further extension in time, if required.

The main objective of the assignment is to fortify the automotive sector in Moldova through advocacy activities, such as:

  • Representation of interests of the sector at different decision-making levels (Government institutions, Parliament, different public-private dialogue platforms etc.),
  • Mobilization of the sector leading players by encouraging active participation in decision making processes, as named above,
  • Empowerment and execution of/participation of the sector representatives in public-private policy dialogue.

The basic criteria for the objective eligibility is sustainability of the actions and ability of the implementer to continue and extend the actions of advocacy after the end of the project.

To fulfill the objective, the non-profit organisation will have to:

  • Propose a set of sustainable measures to fortify the automotive sector in Moldova through advocacy activities;
  • Propose a series of indicators to be achieved within the main objective of the assignment;
  • Implement the measures proposed and monitor the fulfillment of the proposed indicators/objectives.

The project’s target groups are inhabitants of Moldova who have not found productive employment so far. Investments designed to create jobs give them the opportunity to improve their employment situation.

Other target groups, specific for the assignment described, are:

  • representatives of the automotive sector in Moldova;
  • actual and potential local and international component suppliers;
  • local public authorities;
  • Free Economic Zone and Industrial Park administrations;
  • sector associations and similar representation entities.

As an initial stage of pre-selection, the qualified non-profit organisations are being requested to express their interest in the implementation of the assignment and Local subsidy accordingly, by submitting the following set of documents:

  • Letter of interest, describing relevant previous activities (related to the automotive sector) and reasons for the application (max. 2 pages);
  • NGO overview (profile), including experience in the area; team members and their main qualifications (CVs); contact data, persons responsible for the assignment implementation and coordination;
  • Copy of the NGO registration certificate in the Republic of Moldova, any available license, permit, professional qualification certificate available;
  • NGO bank data, including bank name, code and IBAN in MDL;
  • No-debt certificate issued by the Moldovan Tax Inspection or copy of the latest financial report.

In the following stage, shortlisted organisations will receive detailed Terms of reference for the assignment, including the application forms with the request to provide technical and financial offers for the Local subsidy.

Interested organization are invited to submit their Expression of Interest, including the originals of documents mentioned above.

Applications shall be delivered in original in sealed envelopes, showing the tender number (83265616) and subject on it, to the address of GIZ Office Chisinau (66 Bernardazzi St., 5th floor, left wing; Chisinau, MD-2009) not later than Friday, 29 September 2017, time 17:00.

Contact person: Petru Pirnau, e-mail: [email protected], tel: 022 997 920.


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