Fruit Garden of Moldova TA is looking for a Horticulture economics consultant

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Technical assistance to support the implementation of the "Fruit Garden of Moldova" operation and the beneficiary Small and Medium Enterprises

Job Category: Horticulture economics consultant

Activity Background

Within the last 10-15 years many leading companies made important investments in modern production technologies that bring better quality and higher yields and can contribute to diminishing of the risks related to the weather conditions. Despite this, the perception of banks is often that horticulture is a high risk activity. Thus, many loan applications risk of being rejected because of an overestimation of risks and an underestimation of productivity indices. If not rejected, loans for agribusiness are often attached with such strict conditions for reimbursement schedules and interest rates that embed potential risks themselves.

In order to raise trust within the banking sector regarding horticultural businesses, stimulate a positive attitude of financial institutions to horticultural businesses and improve their access to finance, we deem it useful to train credit officers in the economics of horticulture with regards to minimum 10 most promising horticultural business models and exemplify improved technologies which lead to reduced risks and increased productivity.

Expected input of 30 days over 3 months period.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Elaboration of financial models for at least 10 horticultural businesses (for each: one example of unimproved and three examples of improved). The financial models will have the following components
  • Detailed annual gross margin
  • Investment needs
  • Yield development for the first 10 years of the investment
  • Influence of risk on yield (evidence from 2000-2018)
  • Past price variations (evidence from 2000-2018) and anticipated future price trends
  • Cash flow scenarios for the first 10 years of the investment
  • Key economic indicators and definition of benchmarks
  1. Preparing handout material and delivering of 10 seminars to credit officers in bank branches participating in the Fruit Garden of Moldova Project on i) financial models (see above) and ii) information search tools for horticultural economics (e.g. volumes, prices, market trends).


  • University degree in economics, agriculture, or related field;
  • Advanced knowledge of the horticultural sector in Moldova;
  • Advanced training experience;
  • Ability to draft reports of meetings, and other texts, and to present thoughts in a logical, succinct, both orally and in written form;
  • Ability to work independently as well as to cooperate with others;
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, Romanian and Russian.

To Apply: Qualified candidates should send their CVs with cover letters by e-mail to [email protected]  Reference position title Horticulture Economics Consultant. Please apply by September 14, 2018. No phone calls please. Only finalists will be contacted.Technical assistance to support the implementation of the "Fruit Garden of Moldova" operation and the beneficiary Small and Medium Enterprises


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