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EcoContact is looking for a Communication Officer

Terms of References

Job Title: Communication officer

Duration of Employment:  1 year, with possibility of extension.

Contract type: Individual working contract

Expected workload: full time, according to the national legislation

Required languages: English, Romanian, Russian

Deadline of application: November, 17



The Public Association EcoContact is a national environmental organization with the office in Chisinau. The mission of organization is “to support environmental improvements and partnerships for sustainable development of communities in Moldova, thus contributing to the formation of a responsible society respecting human rights and ensuring a favourable environment for the present and future generation”. 

The organization has three strategic directions:

  • Implementation of Aarhus Convention. Organization provides support to public participation and access to information on environmental matters. Starting with 2013 EcoContact is hosting the Environmental Consultation and Information Aarhus Center, created with support with OSCE Mission in Moldova;
  • Sustainable development with a special focus on: green economy, climate change/disaster risk reduction, waste and chemical management, environmental education
  • Environmental legislation. Organization provide support to align national environmental legislation with provisions of EU-RM Association Agreement and the Action Plan.

EcoContact is a rapidly developing organization and a special focus is put on the organization development. Organization provides possibilities for personal growth and development.

In the process of work EcoContact has established partnerships with various actors on the local, national and regional levels. We work with local communities and public authorities, NGO community, national level authorities and donors. Organization is implementing environmental projects, providing thematically consultancy in the priority areas and is currently developing the organizational development strategy, that is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. In this respect communication and visibility activities are one of the core priorities for the coming period.

Organization has Facebook page, twitter account and is in the process of elaboration of the organization’s website. For coordination of all communication and public relation activities EcoContact is searching for a Communication officer. We are looking for a highly motivated new team member, willing to contribute to the organization’s development. Please note that good level of English, Romanian and Russian are required for this position.

Scope of work and responsibilities

The Communication officer will have the overall responsibility of executing communication, ensuring vizibility and public relations activities for the organization and implemented projects. Communication officer will work under the direct guidance and supervision of the Executive director.

The key responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Develop, present for approval and further be responsible for implemented of an organization’s Communication Plan.
  • Update on a regular basis Organization’s web-page, Facebook page and other accounts.
  • Prepare the inputs for the organization’s Annual plan and reports parts that relates communication and PR.
  • Work in close collaboration with the staff members to collect, prepare and disseminate information on the project and organizational activities.
  • Support the elaboration of communication materials.
  • Assist with the organization of communication events
  • Coordinate with other assistance initiatives supporting the communication capacity of project beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that the visibility rules (of organization and relevant donors) are respected during the events and implementation of activities.
  • Advise to staff and senior management about application of appropriate techniques and tools to ensure good level of visibility and communication.
  • Support staff in the elaboration of the publication and other communication and visibility products.
  • To act as a point of contact for media, PR agencies, and other relevant actors.

Management Arrangements:

The communication officer will work under direct guidance and supervision of Executive director and in close cooperation with organization’s staff, partners and beneficiaries. This is a full time position, according to the national legislation. Working place will be the EcoContact’s office.

The selected candidate will have initial contract for one year, and based on the performance and workload can be later expended.


Requirements for experience and qualification

Academic Qualification

  • University degree in Communication, Journalism, Social Science, other relevant areas.


  • At least 3 years of experience in the communication/public relations/international relations/facilitation;
  • Good understanding of the environmental problems and priorities on the national level;
  • Experience of work/marketing with the social media will be an asset;
  • Knowledge of the existing environmental regulatory and institutional framework in the Republic of Moldova will be an asset;
  • Experience of work in the international projects, with the external partners will be a strong asset.


  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Proven ability to develop effective working relationships with government officials, NGOs, media and development partner’s representatives;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, communication and diplomatic skills, ability to work in a team
  • Ability to analyse, plan, communicate effectively orally and in writing, draft report, solve problems, manage PR projects, organize and meet expected results, adapt to different environments (cultural, economic, political and social);
  • Fluency in written and spoken English;
  • Fluency in Romanian and Russian languages

If you are interested in this position please send following documents (either in English, or Romanian or Russian):

  1. Personal CV.
  2. Motivation letter.

The deadline of application: November 17, 2017 Applications should be sent to the address: [email protected] with the subject: “Communication officer”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Evaluation process


The applications will be short-listed based on the following minimum qualification criteria:

  • University degree in communication, journalism, social science, or other relevant areas.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the communication/public relations/international relations/facilitation

Those shortlisted will be evaluated according to the following criteria (1-7). Candidates with the highest accumulated score will be invited to pass the written test and the interview.



(1)   University degree in Communication, Journalism, Social Science or other relevant field

Maximum: 20 points

under - Master’s – 10 pts.

Master’s – 15 pts.

(2)   Experience in the communication/public relations/international relations/facilitation;

Maximum: 20 points


No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

3 - 4 years – 10 pts.,

More than 4 years - 20 pts.

(3)   Experience of work with/in the public/civil society sector

Maximum: 20 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

3 - 4 years – 10 pts.,

More than 4 years - 20 pts.

(4)   Experience of work in the international projects with the external partners

Maximum: 20 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

3 - 4 years – 10 pts.,

More than 4 years - 20 pts.

(5)   Experience of work in the environmental sector

Maximum: 20 points

No experience – 0 pts.,

Up to 3 years – 5 pts.,

3 - 4 years – 10 pts.,

More than 4 years - 20 pts

(6)   Experience of work with promotion via social media and IT tools

Maximum: 10 points


No experience – 0 points

Experience – 10 points

(7)   Language proficiency

Maximum 30 points

English – 10 pts.

Romanian – 10 pts.

Russian  - 10 pts.

Written test

Maximum 150 points


Maximum 210 points


500 points


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