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JNKE /Advise and support the Government in its task of developing the National Qualifications Framework/ EU Project/Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova/ EuropeAid/133700/C/SER/MD/12


Terms of Reference


Contract no.


Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova

LFA Activity No

LFA Activity no. 2.2.4

LFA Activity title

Advise and support the Government in its task of developing the National Qualifications Framework.

Position Title

1 x JNKE

Contract Period

Oct-Dec 2017

Input Duration

Maximum 5.5 Working Days

Reports to

Project Team Leader and KE 2

Work Location/s

Chisinau, Moldova


In March 2017, the ETF facilitated a workshop, the aim of which was to determine the then current status of the NQF, using a toolkit developed by the ETF, with certain measurement criteria included. A report which included findings was sent to the MoECR following the workshop. Further activity has taken place in Moldova and a review of the proposals to strengthen the NQF was carried out. The most recent paper on the NQF has been approved.

For this particular activity i.e. LFA 2.2.4, the MoERC has requested that the TA Project provide support to the newly established Qualifications Department, in terms of building the capacity of its staff, which will enable this Department to assist in the process of improving the implementation and administration of qualifications and further strengthening the NQF in the future.

  1. Objective

The overall aim of this assignment is to:

Increase the capacity of the staff in the Qualifications Department, within the MoECR. The staff will be responsible to a new Minister and will require capacity building to enable them to work effectively to carry out their responsibilities, in accordance with the Regulations, roles and responsibilities of the new Department. 

The mission will involve the JNKE working with a colleague from the EU, to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Build capacity of staff within the Qualifications Department, according to the approved and required role of the Department
  2. Review current stage of development of the NQF in the Republic of Moldova, analyse and make recommendations for strengthening where necessary
  3. Identify how key MoECR/Project outputs can be used to support the implementation and administration of the VET Qualification system in the Republic of Moldova
  4. Recommend any action to be taken to further strengthen the staff capacity in the Qualifications Department

2. Tasks

The role of the JNKE is to work with and support a SNKE (EU) and the Project staff, as well as staff from the MoECR, particularly in the Qualifications Department, to implement the following activities:

  • Support the capacity building activities for staff of the Qualifications Department and include any

recommendations for further support (1.5 WD)

  • Analyse how MoECR/Project outputs might support the administration of an effective

Qualifications system. The outputs, including reports and guidance documents relating to:

  • Work of the Sector Committees
  • Curriculum Development activities
  • Self-Evaluation and
  • Quality Assuring the Assessment Process  (2.5 WD)
  • Analyse the current stage of development of the NQF and make any appropriate recommendations for further strengthening (1.5)
  • Complete a brief mission report

3. Deliverables

  1. Staff are more confident of their roles and responsibilities and therefore strengthening their own Department
  2. Contribution to an analysis report is provided, highlighting current strengths and risks in the implementation and administration of the NQFRM, and providing recommendations to support the next stages.
  3. Contribution is made to an overview document which highlights how and where MoECR/Project outputs can support implementation and administration of the NQFRM.
  4. A short mission report is produced

4. Qualification and skills

  • University Degree in a related Discipline (Master’s degree will be an asset).
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Report writing and analytical skills

General professional requirements

  • At least 3 years of proven experience of working in the Education sector
  • At least 3 years’ experience in working with international projects.
  • Fluency in English language

Specific professional requirements


  • A good knowledge and understanding of how qualifications are administered and implemented in the Republic of Moldova
  • Understanding the role of the NQF in providing information to a range of stakeholders about the levels of qualifications


Subordination and Cooperation


The JNKE will report to the team leader and KE 2, as well as work with the expert from the EU and the MoECR and members of the project team.

 The JNKE will submit a short-written report at the end of the mission.

5. Materials

  • Technical Reports which contain information on (Role of Sector Committees, Curriculum Development Methodology and Guide, Self-Evaluation Guide and Quality Assuring the Assessment Process)
  • ToRs for the project
  • Template for mission report
  • Access to Progress Report 7, including Annexes
  • Template for time sheet

Interested candidates in the proposed assignment will submit the applications no later than 3rd of November 2017, 14:00 hours, at, att. to: Yannis Sofianopoulos, team leader.

The application should consist of:

  • Cover letter (containing the name and position and, briefly, the competences which qualify the candidate for it)
  • CV in EU format

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